Nobody killed Leo!

Named after Leonardo DiCaprio
LEO – Fondly called Galileo !

I had sworn off pets when I lost my Labrador retriever at the age of 13 or so. It was unbearable for me. When I saw my cat as a kitten for the first time, I knew she was mine and I broke my oath. She brought in happiness and love into our lives and opened our hearts to the positive of having these babies. My dad innocently brought in a Shih Tzu much the same way. Leo’s eyes spoke to Dad and he knew Leo was ours on a random visit to a pet shop. But the catch here is that leo wasn’t born out of nature, he was born into the greed of the money making breeders whose market is run by these Pet Shops, almost the dealers!

On his vet visits, eyes always pinned on me!

So, when greed comes into play, these babies aren’t looked at as babies, they’re looked at as a price tag. Vaccinations are faked, veterinarians are paid off to sign and God knows what all is happening because the one thing I do know is that my kid died! My baby died in our arms suffering from a genetically passed on virus which otherwise passes through contact and air. Parvo is a deadly virus which takes root in the digestive system most commonly. It can attack the immune system as well. The thing is that there is no proper cure for this deadly virus. So, why then would a pet shop owner not ensure the vaccination of a pup at the earliest? The only answer that comes to mind is money! Saving the buck and caring less about the pain and suffering of not only the pup but the family that bring in the baby like their own.

At the vet’s table on his last vet visit!

You see, a lot of people treat pets as animals. They want a guard, a companion at their leisure or just a show off. They may not connect to a pup at the level that others do. Even for such people the horribly painful and bloody vomits and diarrhea would bring tears to their eyes. But to the other few, it is death! I have no words to describe the pain I feel. I was with Leo through the most difficult time of his life which he endured rather early in his life and that angers me to the core. I called the Shop owner from where we bought him starting the first day we knew. He had not the courtesy to pick calls! The strange part is, I wasn’t calling to give Leo up, I was calling to save other pups and families!

His favorite place – my arms!

This article is not to malign or defame a shop owner or breeder so I am not going to name them. This article is rather targeted at the illegal industry of breeders who don’t treat animals with the dignity life deserves. Specifically focus at the latter part of that sentence! Nobody killed my leo but all of them signed his death certificate right after he was born!

Will share our journey with he Parvo virus soon!


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  1. Sherry, I’m so sad reading this. Your Leo is darling and deserved better. Thank you for sharing your story and for holding him close through the end.


    1. Sherry says:

      Thank you for your warm message! It makes me feel better Tim and Joanne! Much love from India!


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