Tips on how to look Phat (not Fat) !

You can be Phat even if you’re Fat! Tips on Looking Phat ( Excellent, used to describe a beautiful girl) ! 1 Wear flattering clothes according to your body shape. It is not about how many clothes you have or how expensive your clothes are but about how you look in the piece of clothing…

How to get Naturally Highlighted Skin from your kitchen!

Hello to the Kaleidoscope of beautiful people! Here’s my favorite mask recipe that helps me stay hydrated, radiant and keeps my highlights on fleek even without a highlighter!  I made this easy graphic for you to copy and save in your phone’s for reference! #LazyGirlHacks ! Sincerely, Sherry

The Lazy Girl Series – Morning Skin Routine!

Every Lazy Person’s biggest woe is getting up in the morning and having to deal with getting ready and all that jazz. What if I tell you, your skin can be your best friend and help you get dressed faster? Not only that, it can help you look more awake if you take care of…

Must Try Beauty Buys!

Tired of the tall claims products make, make you spend money and then reuse to work?
Watch out this section every month for those good products that are worth your buck and time!

Tha Lazy Girl Guide to Skin Care – Night time!

How to have better skin without working as much as most bloggers do was my struggle and I succeeded in finding the best products which work with the slightest efforts and give results that are worth a million bucks!